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SEOUL (Reuters) - A chat app where South Koreans can anonymously dish the dirt on their misbehaving bosses and colleagues is belatedly stirring the country’s #Me Too movement, shedding new light on sexual harassment in the heavily male-dominated corporate culture.Prompted by a recent wave of complaints about workplace misconduct – including a groping allegation made by a South Korean public prosecutor last month - the app Blind has added a new feature: a message board dedicated to a rising number of #Me Too stories.When the app first came out four years ago, several companies requested Blind take down posts that might be damaging to their reputation.Team Blind says it has not taken down any posts at a company’s request and has not faced any lawsuits for material posted on its message boards.I’m going to post some basic Korean lessons over there as well.Leave your email or Facebook information in the body of the message and also let people know what city you live in.———————————————————————————————————————————————————- To all beginners: I will post easier lessons and put them in the Level 1 category.

Park did not respond for requests for comment, and the company said it had taken no action against him.

“Employees are reluctant to use internal bulletins for fear of reprisals which is part of our country’s corporate culture,” said a banker at a South Korean state run bank who uses the app.

“I think Blind can make people talk more freely, which can’t be controlled by their companies.” In less than 24 hours after the launch of the #Me Too board on Blind more than 500 posts were uploaded, making the app intermittently unavailable due to heavy traffic, the app’s operator says.

We could just meet at Starbucks but the coffee shops in Shinchon have a tendency to be extremely crowded. If you are below level 4, I think you may have a very difficult time following along.

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“We thought the prosecutor going public would put fresh momentum in the #Me Too movement in South Korea and our #Me Too board was definitely inspired by her action,” Kim Sungkyum, co-founder at Blind’s creator Team Blind said.

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