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Fifteen of the 18 drivers killed since 1990 were women bctsveen 4 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 5 inches in height, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data.

odds and ends planks NOPAYMENTS - MO INTEREST - FOR 1 FUU YEAR, OJLC. 1996 Nation Briefly Data; small women vulnerable to air bags WASHINGTON — Eigliteen drivers have been killed by air bags in the Inst six years in low-speed accidents they oihenvise should have survived, and all but tlu’ce have been smaller women, government ticci- dent data show.

More awards will be given out later this fiscal year, the deporunent said.

Starr to investigate White House counsel \VASHINGTON — A federal appeals court Friday gave an indepen- dent permission to investigate whether former White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum lied to Congress regarding Hillary Rdiiham Clinton’s involvement in a controversy over FBI files.

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f Harvest of Savings 1 Take a Look at the Idaho Groups Voting NO on Proposition 2 Get the facts before voting on Propositicii 2-the Bear Hunting Initiative. ' It's about out^jf-state animal extremists who have come Into Idaho to dictate wild animal policy and kick o H their hidde n ag enda-lo eventually elimin a te the u se of animals tor anything, jvlthout regard lonihe cost to taxpayers, the negative economic Impact on tourism and ranching, and the safety of Idahoans w Etem Atcharoof No Rolum ' Boc KCounfry Houndsman Bach Crook Sportsman Assn Biqwood Bowtiuntors Billoroot Bewmen Assn Biach Canyon Bowmob Blacktoot Rrvor Bowman Boise Valley Pointing Dog Oub Bonnor Country Sportsmans Assn Bonna vtllo Couniy Sportsmans Assn .

300 G(X)D morning County zoning: Supporters say it will protect farmland; critics say it will take away rights. Page B1 Sentencing: Filer man, convicted of shooting at police officers, gets five-year sentence. Agricultural areas In Twin Falls County need to be protected ftoin residential development, says Kramer. During the past year, 8,000 resenists have worked at bases in Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, and the United States in sup- |)on of the oj Kiration, the Pentagon said.

Weather Today: Partly cloudy with widely scattered showers. Page B1 Sp ORI'S Eagles at home: The College of Southern Idaho volleyball team put its national championship muscle on displ^ at home FViday night. Judge orders separate trials, for suspects Community ‘Weed, Seed’ program gets funds W/\SHINGTON — ’Ilie Justitt Department awarded a total of S25.1 mil- lion in gnints to 79 ennununities to run projects aimed at reducing violent crime, gang aaivity, drug mifficking and drug use, offida Js said Friday.

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DENVER (AP) — A judge Friday granted Oklahoma City bombing defendants Timothy Mc Veigh and Tcny Nichols sepa- rate trials rather chan let one man drag the other down. Traditionally, the UAW does not work without a contnict. llie reserxists will replace colleagues in similar units that have aided the American forces acting as NATO peacekeepers in Bosnia, the Pentagon said in a statement. UAW sets strike deadline for Sunday DETOOrr — The United Auto Workers set a Simdaj«trike deadline as its comraa negotiations with General Motors Corp. Union President Stephen Yokich said in a statement tliat negotiators were not optimistic that a new contract could be reached by ^e p.m. The statement did not use the word ".strike,” but said the UAW's extension of the expired GM contract would be terminated if no agree- ment is reached by the deadline. Page A2 Magic Valley Racing online: Jerome High School’s computer program grows rapidly. Page Cl Cutltford farmer Terry Kramer Irrigates an alfalfa field where agrleu Hura has alwa^ bean a way of life. Reservists called up for duty in Bosnia W;\SHLNGTON — Tlie Pentagon is calling up about 500 reservists for duty in suppoa of U. Most are dial affairs spedalists who irark witli local community leaders regarding military activities, and diey will be posted at bases in Europe. Page B6 ' Game breakers: Several Magic Valley football teams faced do-or- die contests FHday. Grants in the department's 5-year-old "Weed and Seed" program help neighborhoods “weed out” c'rintc and “seed in” neighborhood revitalization, said Laurie Robinson, assistant attorney genwa] for the Office of Justice Dcpjirtment Programs. Thursday, A power outage also was reported at nearby Fitzgerald's Casino-Hotel, All tiirec facilities ran on backup systems until power was restored itfound p.m. Havley took tlie action bcciusc he lost confidence in Novell’s abili- ty to command ihe552nd Air Comro I. Every now and then, one of these rocks smashes into a plan- et.

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