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Traditionally, the UAW does not work without a contnict. llie reserxists will replace colleagues in similar units that have aided the American forces acting as NATO peacekeepers in Bosnia, the Pentagon said in a statement. UAW sets strike deadline for Sunday DETOOrr — The United Auto Workers set a Simdaj«trike deadline as its comraa negotiations with General Motors Corp. Union President Stephen Yokich said in a statement tliat negotiators were not optimistic that a new contract could be reached by ^e p.m. The statement did not use the word ".strike,” but said the UAW's extension of the expired GM contract would be terminated if no agree- ment is reached by the deadline. .i| A-4 Tlme*-N8wi, Twin Fallj, Idaho Saturday, October 26. Gnmt.s were awarded to communities in 33 states and tlio District of Columbia.

We salulc Magic Valley's MEN in BUSINESS Till* M»ih piiltllc. FQR SPACE;163_ If .1 photo is needed, .iddition.-il S5 will be charged for photos t.ilteti in the Times-News building. Mts-Ntws can take moros, iiv Al’I'Ol NTMt Nt on: Oct OHER 31si, Nn VE. They also argued that one trial would be more economical and less traumatic for the wit- nesses, who include surx’ivors of the bombing. Jannie Coverdale, wiio lost nvo grandsons in tlie blast at the AJfrec L P. “Wc can’t afford nvo trials,” she said “That’s going to put a Iwdship financially and emotionally on the family membxus and survivors.” Mahha Right, whose daughter, Frankie Merrill, died iilrihe bomb- ing and would have turned 25 Friday, said: “Emotionally it’s going to take its toll on family members. Rocks splashed from Mars Avil J go into the red planet’s orbit if they arc accelerated at about . Once in orbit, these bits of Mars become like the other space rocks — . Gravitational forces of the solar system planets play with the rocks, sending them first one Avay and then another. About 7 percent of Martian rocks knocked atvay from that planet eventually hit Earth, Burns said, Avhile more than 30 percent eventually burn up in the sun. Other bits would hit Venus, Mercury or be sent out of the solar system after a gravita- tional boost from (he sun. It’s just drawing it out.” Earlier in the case, the judge had ruled that Nichols' state- ments could be used against Nichols but not Mc Veigh.

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