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“You need to hold very still for this,” he said in that irritating, whiny voice of his, “or else I might cut you.” Olivia just turned her head upward and closed her eyes. She heard him laughing softly and she could feel the razor scraping along her skin, but the pull of the razor itself as it cut her bush was very light. “You don’t want cuts down there with everything else that is yet to be done tonight.” “Besides,” Dave said, “if I cut you, I don’t get to fuck you.” That caused Olivia to buck furiously, but the slimy jerk from sales had a firm grip on her labia.

She found herself thinking, “He must have done this before.” Then she said aloud, “This is crazy. He pulled it downward tightly so he could scrape the lather– and hair– from the edges of her slit.

All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

It is more of a shade-fold.” He laughed at his own joke as Olivia blinked at the brightness that now assailed her eyes. “Olivia’s mind says no,” the man said as he held his glistening hand in front of her face.

“She doesn’t seem to know what happened,” the voice said. “So now we get to play with you for a while...” he laughed a very deep laugh and added, “... There was a noise and the bed slid away from her leaving the frame hanging in the air. ” followed as the frame set down noisily on the stage.

Behind him there was a sound of laughter– a lot of laughter. The man stepped up in front of her and again slid his hand down the length of her body.

She watched as David stood sloshing the brush through the cup, stirring up foam.

She felt the hot lather on her skin as he began running the brush in small circles throughout her crotch and up onto her belly.

She hated all of this, but at the same time her body was responding just like it did when she let Oyly out to play in her bedroom.

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