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I started to feel guilt then thought what the fuck Ken's out there Fucking other women, not taking care of business at home especially with a Hot Horny Wife like Judy, what does he expect.I'm still Fucking Judy behind Ken's back he's still not Fucking her so I'll take care of it for him!I'm 43 year old divorced guy, I'm 6.4 tall carry a few extra pounds short hair and goatee.Was out one Saturday night with friends at a pub, we were playing pool dancing as the night was winding down my buddy Ken was really d***k, his wife Judy asked if I could give her a hand to get him home.I help on to her thighs as I buried my Cock as deep into her as I could. I looked over at Judy face down trying to catch her breath.

Judy had thick black shoulder length hair I grabbed a hand full of hair on each side of her head then proceeded to start Fucking her mouth, she released my Dick looked up then said that's it Doug Fuck my Mouth!She confided that Ken had not Fucked her in over a year so she figured he was having an affair.Being a close friend of Ken's I did know he had Fucked other women but wasn't going to rat him out to his wife.I couldn't believe I had the staying power I did, I kept Slamming my Dick in her Cunt she was Grunting her Big Beautiful Body Jiggling, Tits bouncing up & down with every Hard thrust I gave her!I'd had enough of this I pulled my Dick out, Judy got up then bent over like she knew what I wanted, down went her face into the sofa her Wide Ass looked so good up like that she was so Fucking Wet I could see her juices flowing down the inside of her legs I moved in behind her my Cock in Hand then back into her Hot Wet Hole it went! I grabbed hold of her Meaty Love Handles and started Pounding her again from behind.She was now standing there in front of me totally Naked except for her black panties.

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