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I started to feel guilt then thought what the fuck Ken's out there Fucking other women, not taking care of business at home especially with a Hot Horny Wife like Judy, what does he expect.

I'm still Fucking Judy behind Ken's back he's still not Fucking her so I'll take care of it for him!

I continued Fucking I could feel Judy getting Wetter & Wetter, she was Moaning I took her hands held them as I pounded her Hole, I looked into her eyes they were rolling back into her head as she started shaking I could tell she was about to have an Orgasm, I was Grinding my Cock into hard into her as she started shake even harder, I let go her hands grabbed her legs pulled her down the couch closer then over my shoulders, I put one foot on the floor for better leverage and Fucked her Cunt as Hard as I could Judy was now Yelling OH GOD OH GOD THAT"S IT FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER HARDER GIVE IT ME GIVE IT TO ME YOU KNOW HOW I LIKE IT HARDER!

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Well I thought to myself in a fit of Lust Give the woman what she wants, I grabbed hold of 2 handfuls of her Thick Black Hair then continued Pounding her Slick Hot Cunt, THAT"S IT she Grunted THAT"S PULL IT FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER HARDER GIVE IT TO ME HARD!

Judy broke the kiss looked into my eyes and said please Doug I need to get Fucked I need it bad.

Judy moved down between my legs unbuckled my belt, lowered my jeans & jockeys, pulled out my cock then slid it into her mouth.

I couldn't believe I had the staying power I did, I kept Slamming my Dick in her Cunt she was Grunting her Big Beautiful Body Jiggling, Tits bouncing up & down with every Hard thrust I gave her!

I'd had enough of this I pulled my Dick out, Judy got up then bent over like she knew what I wanted, down went her face into the sofa her Wide Ass looked so good up like that she was so Fucking Wet I could see her juices flowing down the inside of her legs I moved in behind her my Cock in Hand then back into her Hot Wet Hole it went! I grabbed hold of her Meaty Love Handles and started Pounding her again from behind.

I sat there my jaw open Judy is a big woman she has a beautiful set of Massive Tits, she stands about 5.8, large wide c***d bearing hips with Love Handles bit of a belly, what you would call Chunky.

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