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Make it better Listen to the person you’re blowing; moans and heavy breathing are generally good indicators of how the person on the receiving end is feeling.This also applies if you’re the one getting the blowjob, unless you’re simply lying back and enjoying getting cock-worshipped. Or grab the back of their neck and give them a hard mouth-fuck? Try different speeds, and taking in different lengths of the cock.

When in doubt what to call it, ask the person politely. That’s why it’s not easy to give tips on the best way to eat pussy. One tip is to listen to the person on the receiving end. It can be nice when someone gets down to business immediately and starts licking or rubbing the pussy straight away. Well, BDSM is an acronym for Bondage (B) Bondage & Discipline (B&D) Domination & Submission (D&S) Sadism & Masochism (or Sadomasochism) (S&M, SM) BDSM is a quite a broad term, but it comes down to consenting adults who enjoy expressing their sexuality through the practices of bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism and/or sadomasochism.If it hurts or feels unpleasant, slow things down or stop.Try to ‘read’ each other using words, or being aware of the signals conveyed by moans, breathing and body language.If you fancy a fuck, fuck using a standard condom before you fist. The ass has no natural lubrication of its own so a water or silicone-based lubricant should get things flowing, so to speak.Oil-based creams can remain in the body and continue to damage latex condoms for up to 24 hours after usage. It’s pretty impossible to control and it tightens up when something is pushed into the anus (the ass). Good communication with your sex partner is important.Here we will talk about a few aspects of BDSM and how you can have safer and hotter BDSM sex.

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