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There's no teams; all the sports are just for fun as far as I know.I met most of my friends in class or on the internet through Columbia's Facebook group.I wasn't too involved my freshman year, but once I joined NSCS, my entire college experience enhanced.I met a bunch of new people, was offered leadership opportunities, and was even awarded scholarships through the organization (everyone likes money! If you're ever on campus, or just browsing the Columbia website, check out the Office of Student Engagement.The school doesn't offer many opportunities or events for socializing, but since we are in the heart of Chicago, it doesn't matter.We all go out and explore as freshmen, find our favorite places by the time we're sophomores, and then explore a whole new scene when we are juniors and "of age." The housing at Columbia generally gives each student personal space, which aids in making friends.Athletic events are not popular at all at the school. On a Saturday night you can go see a movie, a theater show, go to a comedy club, shop around downtown, go out to eat, or hangout with friends. I met my closest friends through my classes and through my old dorm my freshman year.

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We are not allowed to leave our doors open in the dorms. The biggest tradition on our campus is the Biggest Foot dance competition, the Blood Ball, or St. Last weekend I actually went back to my house in another state to visit my family and friends.

You'll find a complete list of all extracurricular activities and some great ways to get involved.

There are so many different groups/clubs that I don't even know 75% of them.

Some of the most popular clubs are Common Ground (LGBT-group), Black Student Union, and Public Relations Student Society of America.

Other organizations include Columbia Crusade for Christ, Words ' N Stuff (Zine-making club), Art History Council, Asian Student Organization, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), and many others.

Although I am not apart of this organization, I strongly encourage it's beliefs.

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