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When the truth about their relationship first came out, Kate's sons, Philip and Lucas, insisted that Kate get a different doctor.

Later they all agreed to do the best thing for Kate, even if that meant Daniel treating her. Daniel Jonas treated Kate for her diagnosis of lung cancer.

Devastated that he wouldn’t be able to be a surgeon any more, he decided to leave town to surf and think.

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She had tests done, including a lung biopsy, which revealed that she had lung cancer.

Daniel learned that Maggie Horton was his biological mother and was hurt that his parents didn't tell him before they both passed on.

Daniel agreed to give Maggie away at her wedding to Victor Kiriakis.

* Was a Doctor/Specialist * Previously married to a patient, Rebecca Jonas, who died of cancer.

* Performed a risky pancreatic transplant to save Bo Brady's life.

She pawned off the kid as Daniel's and once he found out, he dumped her.

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