Click together speed dating america


In countries with a death spiral dating market, you will see increasingly overweight and useless women who still believe they deserve Mr. The American cultural elite will promote any method or policy which increases a woman’s choice while simultaneously limiting a man’s.You would think they would therefore embrace game since it gives women more choice in men, but it gives men greater relative choice, especially for the alpha male who can easily swoop up a boatload of notches via one-night stands.And finally she sees a book in Barnes & Noble about how men have turned into little kids that need to man up.

When she hits 25, she is stronger and more empowered than men her age.Now let’s take a look at Poland: In Poland, notice how there are less feeders and a complete absence of enablers.In fact, there exists in the form of family pressure to marry along with a strong fat and slut shaming culture to prevent uglification. When an American girl turns 21 and begins to hit the clubs in stride, unburdened by her college social circle, she is unsure how exactly to take being approached so much.She stays single and sleeps with the men who can keep her turned on for a couple hours without saying a bad line.These men are not as handsome as those who approached her when she was 18 and 19, before she began shopping at Lane Bryant, but the marginal cost of being skinny would only get her a guy one point higher.They would be slow to gain weight, lose their femininity, or become rude. In the United States, a girl sees an approach as a gender issue, rape by the patriarchy, or a means by which women are somehow being objectified.

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