Computer not updating gpo


I've attached the User processing section of as txt.Any help would be much appreciated - I'm really stumped here!This will commonly result in users not being able to download drivers from print servers.This setting can be configured under Computer Configuration Another reason printers might not be deployed properly is if the linked OU does not match the policy type.This article will cover some of those reasons, while also providing alternative methods of printer deployment.One common problem is due to the Point and Print Restrictions policy not being configured correctly.Confirm that domain controller replication (Active Directory and Sysvol) is successful between all domain controllers. If domain controller replication is working, check the Sysvol file share on the user's log on domain controller to confirm that the file is present.There are many reasons that deploying a printer via Group Policy would fail.

For a quick demo of how Printer Logic can help you eliminate printer servers and the need for GPO, contact us here.Look at the listing of the Group Policy objects that are applied, and also the registry settings that these Group Policy objects contain.Look for the following text in the output: If the Group Policy objects that you think should apply are not applied, then check the other possible causes that could lead to Group Policy objects not applying successfully.When they're logged onto the VPN (either via their home ADSL or their 3G modem), the background refresh kicks in and deletes all the GPOs (even when I haven't changed anything) but then doesn't reapply them.As the local restriction policy defaults to Disallowed, this has the very undesirable effect of locking the user out of every application they are not currently running (Word, Excel etc), and if they reboot, is also prevented from running which then means they get logged off straight away.The most I've been able to get out of by way of an error is the following line: "Process GPOs: Open Thread Token failed with error 1008, assuming thread is not impersonating" Extensive Googling and many "fixes" have not made any difference, although I did find out the other day that NTFRS wasn't working on one of the DCs, so I've fixed that (thinking that might have been why it detected a change when there wasn't one).

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