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Thanks to meditation this doesn’t happen to me anymore. An awkward smile and boom, he remembers what he learned on the last pickup seminar he went to.

My voice is calm, I can control the movement of my hands and my lips are smiling, not shaking. I have the most fun when the two people on the table next to me have their first date. His nervousness makes her incredibly uncomfortable. She smiles and waits until he finally opens his mouth. He remembers that it’s important to give her the impression that you are the price.

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Women want to feel emotions and if a man doesn’t trigger these emotions, her legs will stay closed.

One way to connect on a deep level is by talking about the right topics. No matter which path you choose, you need focus in order to give her the right feelings by saying the right things at the right time.​Rejection is not always bad. In case you are one of my loyal readers, you already know that my first relationship was a train wreck. If I had married my first girlfriend, I’d be dead by now.

This won’t happen to you when you practice meditation.

Meditation helps you to calm down your mind and about making a good impression. It allows you to have naturally exciting conversations that make her feel comfortable.​Meditation allows you to focus.

Heck, sometimes they can’t even remember their name. A relaxed mind allows you to listen to the women that other men can only stare at like retarded donkeys.​Another benefit of meditation is that you stop worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter.

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