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Virus or worm attacks can result from infected computers that connect to the LAN.

VPN quarantine provides a mechanism to address these issues.

LUA ensures that users follow the principle of least privilege and always log on with limited user accounts.

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Dashboard lets you track the deployments of software, OS, security update and IT compliance with key regulations at a glance – with an easy to use and customizable graphical dashboard.

It also presents an applied scenario example of an internal investigation in an environment that includes Microsoft Windows–based computers.

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Let us check the Integration Services Version (IS) Get-VM | ft Name, Integration Services Version – On a Hyper-v 2012R2 Get-VM | ft Name, Integration Services Version – On a Hyper-v 2016 VMM output As you can see there is clearly a difference between Windows Server 2012R.This guide discusses processes and tools for use in internal computer investigations.It introduces a multi-phase model that is based on well-accepted procedures in the computer investigation community.This guide describes the challenges in planning and implementing quarantine services with VPN through the new features available in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1).This guide provides a logical roadmap to progress from reactive to proactive IT service management, moving from one of four defined levels of IT services to the next more efficient and streamlined level of services.To find Solution Accelerators for the most recent Microsoft products and technologies, grouped by Solution Accelerator Suite (Desktop, Server, Virtualization…) or by MOF IT Service Lifecycle (Plan, Deliver, Operate…), see the Solution Accelerators Home Page.

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