Cons of high school dating


Regardless of which type of kitty a woman may be, Barkley says any woman with the right attitude can be a cougar.“A woman who is well defined, strong, flexible, confident and goes after what she wants but can still remain a lady, is worthy of the cougar name,” Barkley said.She says younger guys are generally clingier because they haven’t experienced as many relationships.“Looking back now, I didn’t really like dating a younger guy because I felt that he held me back from maturing and from meeting other people my age,” Chelsea says.Hilary says “college girls that date younger men aren't really cougars even if there is a big age difference.” Twenty-two year-old Sanda Micic, a senior at Southern Vermont College, is dating an 18-year-old freshman, and loves it. Fayr Barkley, Human Behavior Research Expert with over 20 years experience researching and writing about human behavior Hilary Ricigliano, Syracuse University student Chelsea Citro, Syracuse University student Atilio Barreda, Brown University student S anda Micic, Southern Vermont College student Emma Post, Johnson Sate College student Julie Dexter Heather is a 2012 graduate of Syracuse University's Newhouse School with a degree in Magazine Journalism.Despite the 4-year age difference, Sanda says, “I just have a lot more fun with him than with other guys my age or older.” Barkley says, “Each woman knows what age range works for her but I think most are open to exploration as long as the younger man fits what she is looking for.” “A person isn't made by their age; they're made by what they've been through in life experiences, regardless of the amount of years they've lived,” Emma says. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of dating younger men in college. Growing up in southern Vermont, she learned to appreciate the New England small-town life.Whatever the age difference, Brown University student, Atilio Barreda, says “age is just a number dude, free love.” Or, as Barkley says, “There is a lid for every pot.” We think that’s exactly how Demi and Ashton must have feel (though we wonder who was the lid and who was the pot? During her time at SU she served as Editor-in-Chief of What the Health magazine on her college campus and was a member of the Syracuse chapter of ED2010.This summer Heather is exploring the world of digital entrepreneurship at the Tech Garden in Syracuse, NY where she is Co-Founder of

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“Many women start dating younger men when they are in their 20's,” Barkley says.“Regardless of what age a woman starts indulging her Cougar side, if it's for her, she maintains it throughout her life.” That depends.Twenty-year-old Julie Dexter says she wouldn’t date anyone younger than 17, and even that “is pushing it.” For Chelsea, two years younger is her limit.In the real world you are asked out or you ask someone and you go out alone together and do something, if you want to go out again, you do, and you can go on as many dates as you want with other people, until you settle down with one person that you continually date.So anyway, here is some stuff about 'dating' in middle school.But clearly, younger guys have some appeal (we have at least a little faith in Demi Moore), so what’s behind the cougar craze?

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