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Now the CFO has to manually enter various data from each company's reports and crunch the numbers in Excel to generate a combined financial reports for all companies into one company report (profitability, loss, etc...).So far Quickbooks Enterprise provides only 5 built-in reports (Balance sheet standard, Balance Shet Summary, P&L, Statement of Cash Flowsm and Trial Balance) but he will need additional reports for example budgeting, tracking finance charges and payment analysis that are not in QB as a combined report for multiple companies.There are other issues here such as access to the data files which I haven't considered.Regards Mike I haven't used the QODBC method and I have heard it is very slow and probably too slow for this project."QB Mistakes are Costly & Unnecessary27 QB mistakes & their solutions, demonstrated in detail. You can get consolidated P&L's, Balance Sheets, Ratios, etc across many files. But this field also need a lot of improvement and updates.You know have book keeping as a big separate topic of discussion.

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If one does not exist with this built-in or turnkey functionality then what are some of the tools that can be used to develop it (e.g. I appreciate your suggestions and feedback in advance.

How can one consolidate a number of Quick Books files (companies, .qbw) into one company.

Jennifer replies: Unfortunately Intuit, the maker of Quick Books, does not have a way to merge or consolidate files.

Basically they offer an ODBC driver for Quick Books (any version from 2002 to 2009 apparently), plus their QReportbuilder for customised reporting.

You'll need to check that these programs work with your country version of Quick Books.

I went to the Intuit Marketplace and searched for a third party application that might help. search=merge files I hope this helps with your question about consolidating Quick Books files. Learn More Here Or: You can consolidate multiple QB's files with

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