Consolidating multiple companies in quickbooks


But what's your take on products such as qodbc and it's associated report writer? I've provided various consolidation solutions to MYOB users, mainly in New Zealand where MYOB has high market penetration, including for example extracting 17 company trial balances to Excel for further consolidation.How far do you think it would go to addressing the consolidation reporting here? I'm of the opinion that provided you have access to the Quick Books databases, plus a good flexible/programmable report writer, then you have a solution to the consolidation challenge.I went to the Intuit Marketplace and searched for a third party application that might help. search=merge files I hope this helps with your question about consolidating Quick Books files. Learn More Here Or: You can consolidate multiple QB's files with Thanks for writing."Conquer 27 Frustrating Mistakes that Steal Your Time, Sanity & Money! Its a web based solution that aggregates and reports on many files in seconds.How can one consolidate a number of Quick Books files (companies, .qbw) into one company.

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You know have book keeping as a big separate topic of discussion.These companies almost all use Quickbooks (different versions QB, QBPro, QB Enterprise) for their financial reporting.At the end of the month a controller from each portfolio company sends an excel spreedsheet generated by QB which contains their financial statements information to the CFO of the main company.The client is looking at a more turnkey solution which would allow them to plug in or import the Quickbooks financial statements in whichever form or format (qbw, excel) to generate combined reports for all the companies.The CFO who is going to be generating the reports has no programming experience or knowledge of Excel macros or formulas.HTH Regards Mike As far as I know there is no third-party solution to your problem.

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