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I definitely like to insert a wink and a smile.” Beginning as a child model, Tontz got her first big break when she booked a campaign for Mattel’s Barbie.

Later, she made her TV debut on before landing her Nickelodeon and Disney roles.

Even though I don't believe in love, I do wish I fall in love sometimes I love this song and Taylor swift She is a great singer and very beautiful I heard this song a 100 times still I am not bored. When Taylor sings, she pours her feelings into is so it's so relatable. Enchanted is amazing, her voice in this is beautiful! I'm a crumpled up piece of paper lying here, cause I remember it all, all, all too well.

Blank Space This song just came out, (when I'm writing this), and it rocks. It still has the same feeling in her songs where it's like she's talking to you personally. In the coming months and years this song will be at the top, I know it... Enchanted I'm really surprised this song didn't make it higher on the list. I wish she could make this as one of the single of Speak Now album. The best lyrics is where Taylor wrote: please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you. This song is amazing, it really shows emotion and you can feel yourself singing along to it! ''You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest.

Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well. Perfect story-telling lyrics that allow you to picture in your mind everything she is describing and leave you with a feeling of nostalgia for a relationship you were never even on. That is why she portrays such a beautiful song, like Teardrops On My Guitar, so passionately. "You learn my secrets, figure out why I am guarded, you say we will never make my parents mistakes... - bazinga This song has a so great rhythm and musicality, originality! its really powerful and I love it Really underrated Everything Has Changed HOW THE HELL IS THIS SO LOW! Very emotional lyrics, can explain a lot about love at first site I hate the album its on but this song is great - garlicboy Fifteen its seriously a lovely song..! this should be 2nd behind you belong with me or 3rd! This song is catchy, positive, and always nice to listen to. It's the best song In Red after Red and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together! What I love about this song is that it talks about loving and hurting in general.

Honestly, as an artist, I have so much respect for him because he is the most talented musician.” Their relationship happened to coincide with the one-year anniversary of Cory Monteith‘s death in July 2013 at the age of 31, a “touchy subject” for Salling and the rest of the cast.

When you are listening to this, you will went to your inner thoughts. I was expecting it to at least be below the twentys. And has given me hope in my life when I needed it most. It mixes a masterful beat, a fantastic voice, and inspiring lyrics.

The lyrics are deep, you can imagine it like parents protecting their child in a war. I really recommend this song for you who search for peacefulness. Taylor did a fantastic job singing it and I can't wait to hear this song in the Hunger Games Tragically haunting. Extremely thrilling in just about every way, Style is one of the best works of music I have ever heard!

I have to be honest, this song brings tears to my eyes. Red This song is just like all taylor swift songs just AWESOME MIND-BLOWING! Can't believe a person can sing and write such WONDERFUL songs! epic song I know and love every single Taylor swift song! One word BEST Fearless An intimate pop rocky like production almost feels like home it's a perfect match for the melody and her voice really stands out Amazing song it gives me goose bumps when I hear it! Who agrees with me that this should be one of the top ten! Taylor is really herself in this album, as she has broken off from how people say "You date too many guys". It never fails to grab my attention, god, those high notes. - Zero Blaster Forever & Always For me, this is taylor's best song forever and always.

This was one of Taylor's first big songs and I loved it then and still love it now. I wish you will live better there than here in Philippines! Taylor swift is awesome I love all of her song but I mostly like our song. Taylor swift is queen, and this is the first song I ever heard by her and it is amazing Sparks Fly This is one of the best song I have ever heard. Speak Now is by far, over many factors, is Taylor Swift's best album. I think it should be much higher because it's easy the best song from her latest album RED! - Daisyand Rosalina White Horse I did this song for a talent show we rocked! I love all of her other songs, but when I was eight, this was the only song I would listen to. Try to listen it and you will understand why it is more deserving to be in top list.. 1989 in general is her best album thus far, it shows an overwhelming feeling of independence and maturity. But this song is edgy and sexy and taylor's voice turns from low to high in moments. It's her only great song, and it sounds very U2-esque.

It will be stuck in your head ALL day, I guarantee it. And it's more "boyfriend broke my heart" for the 45,482,829th time! ' "Cause there we are again In the middle of the night We're dancing round the kitchen In the refrigerator light"... " Best lyric:"And maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much. I believe that Taylor is very unique when expressing her feelings through her songs. I love all of Taylor's songs, but this song is the turning point in her music style and I totally support it. This song is a revolution for Taylor Swift's style.

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