Cougar dating show tv land jackson rathbone and ashley green dating

Such visuals complicate The Cougar's insistent claim that it is empowering women by breaking taboos and double standards about intergenerational dating.It's difficult to find any empowerment for Stacey or any potential female viewer when the guys she has to choose from are so obtusely Defending the Caveman.At one point, the guys are filmed from above, vying for Stacey's attention as she sits on a lounge chair poolside.Stacy is lost in this shot, which is reduced to a circle of guys jostling each other for her attention, the tableaux looking creepily like the gang-bang set up from some cheap porn flick.Others are shown stripping down to their underwear or taking off their shirts as they climb onto beds with her (though no graphic nudity is shown).There's also lots of drinking (everything from beer to shots), and salty language (though the worst is bleeped).Over eight weekly hour-long episodes, the young men (all in their 20s) compete for a chance to have a long term relationship with Stacey Anderson, a 40-year-old real estate agent and divorced mother of four from Arizona.

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Some contestants are shown touching her on the legs or thighs or trying to kiss her.I thought: "Ok, what reality show is Fox running now?"I checked the channel, to see Comcast's synopsis of the show, and realized it wasn't Fox but TV Land -- a cable station that typically airs MASH, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, and Star Trek." /The show claims to challenge cultural ideas about older women and younger men but actually succeeds in perpetuating stereotypes about age and gender.The show's very title is a reference to a stereotypical type of older woman "on the prowl." Stacey's behavior doesn't really challenge stereotypes about what a "cougar" is.The Cougar also offers the same scenes of the boys in competition for Stacey's attention.

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