Country connections dating service

Maybe you're tired of being alone and want a relationship that will lead to marriage.

So how do you start meeting these redneck Romeos and Juliets? It also lets you browse through member profiles or search for specific members. Country is the place to find dates who love the country lifestyle just as much as you do.

We are a family run business based in Warwickshire embarking on an exciting journey with our collection. And everyone knows you can never have too many of them!

Our mission is to make fresh, elegant and simple accessories here in Britain that you'll want to keep forever.

Our premier Rural singles dating site is the place to find dates who love the rural and country lifestyle just as much as you do, and our rural men and women are looking for someone who share the same goals and interests, so whether you're a fan of Country music, cookouts, hiking a mountain trail camping, or just chilling out, you'll find someone who will be your perfect Rural sweetheart.

No need to be lonely anymore, fill out your free profile and start connecting today!

Communicating with your perfect rural area matches has never been easier. In just a few clicks, you'll start connecting with millions of singles who reside in rural areas local and worldwide who share your same interests.

Your free mobile accessible account lets you post your photos directly to your profile.

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At Intelliwave, we understand that technology can be frustrating and the last thing you need is more frustration from the people that are supposed to be assisting you.

Signup is easy, and in just seconds, your mobile friendly free account lets you post your personal photos to your profile. With just a few clicks, you'll have access to our huge database of country loving guys and girls. If you'd rather find your next date at a rodeo or Faith Hill concert than at a bar, then we've got the site for you.

states and around the world, so no matter where you're living you'll find a cowboy or cowgirl close by.

I’m so happy Intelliwave has brought service to our area."Small town living is what we love!

At Intelliwave, we believe that we can have it all- a quiet life AND access to broadband . Delivering high speed Internet to homes and businesses across Southern Ohio is our specialty.

Join us in the business forum and learn more about our products and exclusive member offers.

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