Cuban dating culture


The capital of Cuba is Havana, located on the northwestern coast of the island.Nearly 20 percent of Cubans are city dwellers; most live in the capital city.

Castro's Cuba has over the years supported socialist revolutions throughout the world.By the end of the seventeenth century, Spain itself had begun to decline as a world power through financial mismanagement, outmoded trade policies, and continued reliance on exhausted extractive industries. Then the British captured Havana in 1762 and encouraged the cultivation of sugar cane, an activity that would dominate the economy of the area for centuries to come.The need for labor on the sugar and tobacco plantations and in raising livestock, which had been the area's first major industry, resulted in the growth of African slavery.Over the next three decades, there were several slave revolts, but all proved unsuccessful.Cuba's political relationship with Spain during this period became increasingly antagonistic.Sugar is the principal export of Cuba, but the Cuban economy, by most accounts, is weak.

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