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Scammer Username: badguy4you Other usernames used: Tom Said Location: fort worth Real Location: south africa Dating Set met on: connecting singles Other Dating sites on: dont know Date met: did not money involved?: No The guy whose name is above---stated in his profile that he lives five miles from me.when he emailed me, said that is is in South Africa on busines right now, but will be back soon and wanted to chat on Yahoo.I can't believe I have been taken in like this but I never expected anyone to be so utterly cruel.I feel so sorry for his wife and its clear what a lucky escape I had!Knowing that a lot of South African scammers chat on Yahoo, I refused.I asked him numerous times about the names of major thoroughfares in my city and major hospitals--each time he avoided my questions and only wanted to chat on Yahoo.Scammer Username: pretty_jennn Other usernames used: jennifer Peters Said Location: usa: but she lives in Austria Real Location: i don't know Dating Set met on: Dating sites on: Date met: 1 month ago money involved? He told me "I pray that with time you fall in love with me and we shall share some great moments and that I can make you happy", "I am an honest man with honest feelings for you, I never intend to hurt you or mislead you", "you are the only woman I am interested in", "I think about you all the time", etc, etc, etc.

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To cut a long story short, within a few days of writing I noticed that his profile and his mails to me via CS were removed from the system. Well, I have lived in the States and knew he was lying. This one was from 2005 and on that profile he claimed to be divorced and on the CS profile he was a 'widow'.As soon as deleted him from messenger list (MSN and Yahoo), he is no longer on the site either... nos worked, he posted that he was from Wisconson, then he was stationed in London England, then all a sudden he was landing in Nigeria with his daughter!!!! His pictures were that of a tall caucasian white guy... he is very good with his words, praises you, calls you beautiful, sweet.... : Yes I was contacted by a man who called himself Tim, originally from Texas but working as a civil engineer on contract in the UK.When he spoke he had a very thick african accent... I asked him about his accent he said that he travelled alot, he was an oil worker, engineer..blah... We chatted on the phone and online for a couple of months, then he told me he won a contract in Nigeria, Africa and after that job he would fly to meet me in Australia in his private jet.I am thankful to CS that they found out about this man and had him removed!Please note that the photos of 'daveharlems' are not that of the scammer!Members share their experiences of getting scammed by people who use dating sites for illegal or deceptive means.

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