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For fifty days running, these prints were illustrated and described in the .This publicity created much interest, and subsequent newspaper sales, so that the following year the "Best 50" small folio prints were also selected (four medium folio prints were included in this list).Last week I discussed general information about "America's printmakers," Currier & Ives.

Some collectors will not even consider a Currier & Ives print, no matter how good condition it is otherwise, unless it has "large" margins.

Maps seem to attract a lot of collectors, more so than do prints.

There are collectors for important historical figures, such as Washington and Lincoln, and historical events, such as the American Revolution or Presidential elections, but most prints are purchased more on a one time basis rather than as part of a collection.

All the historic evidence we have, from existing period-framed prints or from images in prints like that above, indicates that when Currier & Ives prints were framed at the time, they were put in frames with little or no margins.

The margins these prints had before trimming was just based on what paper the firm was using; it was not something they put on the prints intentionally.

I have talked about "value ranking" for different types of prints and there is definitely a ranking of values for different sorts of Currier & Ives prints.

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