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Big Dick - As I was tossing out tapes I found this jewel.It was leftover footage from my videotaping at Blacks Beach, the famous clothing optional beach.

I have once again used my very amateurish movie making skills for this very short video (2 minutes - 68 mb) showing such an exchange with him.Download file Blacks_Beach_-_Mr._Big_NOTE: For guys that want to experience it, please don't be jerks and invade the space of the women.If they show no interest in you, approaching them or laying 10 feet from them when there's a lot of unused real estate around them only grosses them out and makes them not return.It's situations like that I find particularly enjoyable to see - female voyeurism along with the girl's bravery to ask being wonderfully rewarded.When he he saw attractive girls, he would often approach them with his own camera, asking if they would photograph it.One may be San Onofre (near blacks) and shows a naked guy kneeling over a clothed woman presenting her his erection as she touches herself at the sight of it.

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