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But one thing is clear, as he walks down the beach nude and swinging it, it certainly gives the girls something interesting to look at.Making their day fun is a great way to keep the females coming, so for that I thank this guy for putting it on display for their interest and amusement.

If it was how he was born, it was some kind of genetic mutation, just as some guys grow to over 8 feet in height.

It's situations like that I find particularly enjoyable to see - female voyeurism along with the girl's bravery to ask being wonderfully rewarded.

When he he saw attractive girls, he would often approach them with his own camera, asking if they would photograph it.

I think he may get off on others making fun of his little penis, which is why he presents it to the world in such a way.

My antivirus software won't let me download the videos .....

Download file Blacks_Beach_-_Mr._Big_NOTE: For guys that want to experience it, please don't be jerks and invade the space of the women.

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