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You can play these Whatsapp dare games with your friends or relatives and have a fun with all of them. First of all, let you know this is most romantic Dare Game of my whole collection.

In this dare, there are 21 questions which every Lover wants to ask his/her Crush but you can’t ask them directly.

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Click on any of the links below to read -and see - somebody's hot dare adventure.

I am sure you have because Dare Games are much liked by Young generation.

Most of us like to play Whats App Dares by sending Whats App Dare Messages to our friends.

In our time, we play lots of Games at home with our friends which are physically played.

But nowadays that trend is totally lost somewhere and the new generation is spending their most of the time on Mobile phones & Laptops. In this article, I will share all type of Dare Games & Whatsapp Dares which you can play on Whats App, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms.

This doesn’t mean they don’t play and waste their time on devices. There is the special type of Whatsapp Games created by creature mind of peoples in which most popular were Whatsapp Smiley Dare and Whatsapp Dare Quiz.

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