Dating 101 why men cheat

’ Just as a woman does, a man has a deep-seated need to feel wanted, to be wooed, and to feel physically attractive to and desired by a partner.

Brosh says that men frequently suffer in silence; they want to feel loved by their partner but feel like they can’t get what they want from her.

In fact, research suggests that divorce could be contagious, so it's not far-fetched to think cheating could work the same way.

"We derive social norms from looking around, so it's reasonable that a group of friends who are being unfaithful to spouses would be more likely to consider that," Bonior says.

If you or a partner has strayed and want to stay together for the sake of the kids or because you are truly committed to your future together, then your relationship can be repaired.It may be that more women are cheating now, or it may be that-in this age of baring it all on social media-women may be more willing to admit it. Janne Lomasky, these are the eight main reasons why a woman cheats: If a woman (or a man too, for that matter) goes in search of greener pastures, even for a few months, the new relationship may result in the need for a paternity test. Andra Brosh asserts that men who cheat are often still very much in love with their partners.Your first thought might then be, ‘Well, if he loves me so much, how could he do this to me?Enhancing physical appearance: Making the effort to improve looks with a fitness regimen, new clothes, or make-up (for women) helps to keep a mate’s attention where it belongs. Rewarding your partner: It can be as simple as a small gift, a night out, or extra sexual attention.It doesn’t have to be anything major, but it makes a huge difference in how connected your mate feels toward you.This may have been true in the past, but recent data, including a 2015 Indiana University study, suggests otherwise.

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