Dating a bosnian muslim

Would I become strange, dress differently, speak differently in the eyes of others? I would spent time conducting searches online, looking for the stories of people who had gone through this experience themselves.

What would my family, friends and workmates think of me? Nothing ever seemed to quite fit the bill - each person's journey, of course, is unique.

"But those are things that we need to be working on more than you do!As such, being a Muslim in a country where not everyone is fasting can be difficult.Here are five things you can do to show respect and solidarity to followers of Islam during Ramadan: Ramadan is widely expected to start on May 27 this year, although the date changes annually.The holy month runs according to the lunar Islamic calendar, and begins upon the first glimpses of the crescent moon.Some Muslims say the month is sometimes confused with a kind of dietary "detox", but that this interpretation is a misinterpretation of its real scope.I popped along, knocked on the door and introduced myself.

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