Dating a cocktail waitress in las vegas


“She’s there [in Maryland] meeting his family for the first time,” a source close to Pal tells PEOPLE.Along with dating Pal, a waitress at the Palms Casino Resort’s Moon Nightclub, Phelps is spending time in Vegas working on his poker game.“So, five-inch stilettos, you have a lot of ground to cover, taking orders and dealing with multiple guests." Serving hundreds of drinks in high heels and tight outfits may not be easy, but Preston says there are lots of glamorous aspects to her job. “They're not just going to Applebee's and ordering a cocktail.They're going to Fizz." Fizz, designed by David Furnish, partner of Sir Elton John, specializes in fine Champagnes and crafted cocktails, and is decorated with exquisite chandeliers and fine art.So what's it like working at Sin City's top night spots night after night?"We all have to wear heels which are not that comfortable,” said waitress Andrea Preston, who works at Champagne lounge Fizz Las Vegas, a 2,750 square-foot, upscale champagne bar inside Caesar’s Palace.Michael Phelps has taken another lap with his girlfriend – a big one.She’s spending Thanksgiving in Baltimore with him and his family.

He recently made it to the final table of the Caesars Palace Poker Classic.

She says she's saving her Fizz tips to pay for her upcoming wedding and to eventually start a home business selling organic supplements and beauty products.

The Palomino is the only all-nude club in Vegas that serves alcohol -- one of two distinctions that sets the club apart from its competition.

Cocktail waitresses at Fizz can earn as much as 0,000 a year.

According to the Culinary Union, which represents most cocktail waitresses in Vegas, the average union server on The Strip makes per-hour, including benefits like health care, placing them among the nation's highest-paid service workers in the U. Preston said she takes pride in her work and tries to make customers happy.

First of all, there is such a wide and diverse variety of girls in every casino that it can be very difficult to stereotype an entire property as a whole.

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