Dating a girl with hearing aids

We sat down and started talking, firstly about the dating website and how we found it. Thinking back quickly through the conversation, could my job have put her off or did I inadvertently call her fat (she wasn’t)? Needless to say, I was somewhat offended and blocked her. This time, I shall tell them I am deaf before we meet. I got some views, people started messaging me and I hit it off with a few women….fantastic! ‘Just so you aware, I am deaf, but don’t worry, I can still talk and communicate with you’. Then, after drinking about a quarter of our drinks, she suddenly went quiet and strange. "It is fine to say 'person with a disability,' but terms like 'challenged' and 'the disabled' have fallen out of favor." When in doubt about what term to use, ask.

Several AARP readers with hearing loss had similar comments: "If I tell people that I am hearing impaired, they think something is wrong with me.

‘What Dating is Like When You Have Hearing Loss’ is an article recently posted at Refinery29, a woman’s lifestyle and culture site, and it got us thinking about the remarkable challenge romance faces when it’s called to bridge the deaf-hearing divide.

It’s not an unexplored problem: A quick web search reveals there’s quite an extensive literature extant on the phenomenon.

When thinking about the language of disability, keep those principles in mind.

I am a profoundly deaf oralist and have been since birth.

I have been in various relationships with hearing people, but never a deaf person.

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