Dating a ibanez ts808 visual basic 2016 validating event

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Beloved for its juicy, plumby midrange and natural, tubelike breakup—a smooth, low-gain distortion enhanced by symmetrical clipping (rather than the more jagged asymmetrical clipping of pedals like the popular Boss OD-1)—the Tube Screamer is at its best when interacting with a good tube amp that is set just on the edge of breaking up.

As such, it’s an icing-onthe- cake effect: That little extra that helps guitarists achieve a sweet, tactile distortion tone that isn’t easily attained from many amps on their own—at least at practical volumes.

Tone-wise, different models tended to progress from being warm and smooth to being relatively brighter and slightly gainier, but they all chased the same approximate sonic goal.

The Tube Screamer evolved through three incarnations over its first five years of production, with some minor changes also occurring within each (pictured is the second-gen TS808 of 1981, by which time Ibanez had dropped the hyphen, the “®” at the end of the logo, and the nut from the power jack).

Ibanez pedals of the ’70s and ’80s were made by the Japanese electronics company Nisshin, which also made pickups for many Ibanez electric guitars (themselves made by Fuji Gen Gakki).

The company’s flagship pedal was preceded by the Overdrive and Overdrive II (orange and green respectively), but the concept really caught hold with the introduction of the first Tube Screamer TS-808 in 1979.

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Maxon (Nisshin Onpa) started out in the mid 1960s as a guitar pickup manufacturer.

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