Dating a persian guy


Find out if you can provide him with what he needs, such as respect and honor (and don't we all yearn to have that? Remember, this isn't necessarily an Iranian-only trait...

I was previously married to a Midwestern man with a huge family that resembles many of the ones that have been negatively described here..

Anyway, life with my Persian Prince has been absolutely wonderful, perhaps not perfect, but still wonderful.

I believe any relationship should have the common ground of faith to build upon.

I trust him in all regards and he truly admired by many in our community as a man of honor.

So for those of you having issues with your Persian Princes, first check out what you have in common, especially faith-wise.

What has enables us to stay together thru hard times and ups & downs is our shared spiritual belief.

I would have not date him or get close to him if he wasn't a Christian because Bible teaches us not to yoke with a non-believers.and then decide whether to pursue this relationship further or to walk away and save yourself a whole bunch of pain and heartache.You can't force two un-fitting pieces to fit to make a stable and comfortable relationship.I do not think his family would ever accept me (my now ex-boyfriend told me as much).And I don't think I would have patience to try, try, beg and beg some more to be loved by him and his family.I have told him that I would convert and I have embraced his culture and his family, but it doesn't seem to be enough. He wants the relationship to keep going but he says there are no guarantees. On the other hand, he know that he will need his family and he knows that his family will not be at ease with a catholic girl. You can speak the language and learn the culture and cook better than his mom - you will never be PERSIAN.

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