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Research has shown that social connections are the most robust predictor of health and happiness.

On the other hand, it is important to note that, psychologically, a person's aversion to appearing or feeling selfish can be exploited by others for their own (selfish) ends.

I make the first move, Am the one that calls, I pay for the dates, I suggest the date, I buy her gifts, I do the court ship thing of telling her all the good words I ever know, I take her out, I drive her back to her place and pick her up again.

One of my first questions to the caregiver would be, "When did you last take a vacation?

" The devoted caregivers often looked aghast, as if I was being cruel in suggesting that they could even contemplate taking a vacation when their parent so clearly needed so much help. "If you don't take steps to care for yourself," I would tell the caregiver, "you will soon burn out, and we'll have two people in need of care instead of one. "My old mentor in Israel, the psychoanalyst Dov Peled, used to say, "You can't light a candle with an unlit candle." For all of us, but perhaps particularly for women, the caring and selflessness imperative should be balanced by an equally important habit of self-care.

i spend too much emotionally, financially, mentally, sexually.

THE ONLY THING I WANT IN RETURN IS SEX WHICH SHE ALSO GETS TO ENJOY AS WELL ANYWAY. as if she loses anything if she has it and even when she gives, SHE STILL GIVES SELFISHLY. Iam now single because I hate women with a passion yet am cute and a rich lawyer.

In the recently released movie "Higher Ground," the heroine, a devout Christian, struggles with growing doubts as her close friend falls gravely ill, and her intellectual and sensual curiosities are repeatedly thwarted by a solemn marriage and the strict rules and narrow boundaries of her faith community.

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