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Typically, a contract will be for 12 months, renewed annually, and if you give notice to quit during this period, you will have to pay rent until the end of the contract.

However, as of June 2013, this is no longer legally required – rental periods can be as little as six months followed by a rolling one month contract.

Likewise, furnished properties can be either comprehensive, including kitchen items, or very basic – so if you view the property while the previous tenant is still in residence, make sure you're very clear about which pieces of furniture are staying.

One option is to email the estate agent to confirm this, getting the answer in writing.

Property portals that offer languages other than Spanish sometimes use automatic computer translations, so be sure to confirm that the key features exist when you view the property.

As in many European countries, Spanish properties are typically advertised with a monthly rent and a living space in square metres.

As a result, properties vary in quality and the descriptions vary in accuracy.

Expect to apply to an estate agent for a property and to put down the equivalent of one month's rent when you do.

This is usually rolled into your deposit when the contract and moving in are complete.

The advert should also indicate whether the property is furnished or not.

However, as there are no clear standards for this, unfurnished properties may be completely bare, have no kitchen appliances, or include a few pieces of furniture left by the landlord.

You will typically be asked to provide: ) is valid whether verbal or written.

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