Dating an exs friend

Now, if you happen to have found yourself head-over -heels in love with your ex’s friend, and you are already carrying on a fling with him, there’s only one thing left to do.

You must have your new boyfriend talk to your ex, man to man.

Let him know you will not share intimate details about your time with his friend, and politely ask that he never question you about your relationship.

Also, tell him you will not tolerate any rude or objectionable treatment from your ex, and insist that he come to your defense if your ex ever gets out of line or behaves inappropriately.

If you feel OK with the knowledge that a potential boyfriend’s friend has already seen you naked, go for it.

On the other hand, if you dated someone for a considerable period of time and his friend is hitting on you, don’t take the bait.

While I personally believe nothing good can come from dating an ex’s friend, there are times when mature adults can come together and agree to put the past behind them.

“Regardless of who did what and why, feelings like hurt, loss, sadness and anger may be stoked.” Make sure you’re willing to accept fall-out from your actions: Your ex may hate you, and his friend may ultimately resent you for “causing” the end of their friendship. Your new guy has probably already heard details of what went wrong or — shudder — what you two did together in intimate detail.First of all, you deserve more than to be “passed around” by your ex-boyfriend’s posse, so set the bar a little higher, sister.Secondly, your dignity is far more valuable than some rendezvous with a hot guy.Hooking up with your ex’s friend is a recipe for disaster, so if you happen to have a crush on one of your ex’s buddies, get over it.No matter how suave he is, no matter how dashing he looks in Ralph Lauren, and no matter how fantastic he smells, he is off limits, honey!Remember, this is a man who is friends with the guy who broke your heart. Get busy trying to find one who won’t serve as a constant reminder of your past.

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