Dating an irish girl


(FYI, America is the only country that taxes its citizens even if they aren’t living or working in the U. Well, have no fear, THE IRISH GOVERNMENT WILL RETURN ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS. Surprisingly, my aunt told me she had my grandmother’s birth certificate and mailed it to me upon request.The certificate was so old I thought the paper would disintegrate if I unfolded it.Imagine my surprise when in March I received an email from a Tom Flannery in Ireland, personally addressing me about my citizenship application.He informed me that some of my documents were off (like the baptismal certificate) and gave me very easy and precise instructions for fixing the problem and getting my application approved ASAP. Good ‘ol Tom would respond to my emails mere hours after I sent it.

We were looking for an escape to hide from the cold and, hopefully, get a drink.Although the Irish mainly use English to communicate, I’m really impressed at how the country is trying to push the Irish language back into their society. Anyway, I hope this page helps all the other Irish-wannabe hopefuls out there.Please email me if you have any questions about claiming Irish citizenship!I don’t know whether the Irish government is super organized or bored to tears, but either way it was a very nice change of pace.When it comes to contacting the American government, I would probably have more luck sending a bottled message out to sea than trying to reach them by phone or email.Keep in mind, however, each process varies by nation, so what works for Ireland may not work for the others. America allows dual citizenship with Ireland–you will not have to give up your American citizenship to become Irish. How to Apply Believe it or not, applying for Irish citizenship is ridiculously easy.

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