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Even if you’re not Irish, don’t despair–you may still have a chance at claiming European citizenship!I have heard tales of various travelers and friend claiming Italian, Spanish and Portuguese citizenship successfully.Imagine my surprise when in March I received an email from a Tom Flannery in Ireland, personally addressing me about my citizenship application.He informed me that some of my documents were off (like the baptismal certificate) and gave me very easy and precise instructions for fixing the problem and getting my application approved ASAP. Good ‘ol Tom would respond to my emails mere hours after I sent it.For those that aren’t as lucky (and actually I wasn’t, the birth certificate turned out to be a baptismal certificate), you can request an Irish birth certificate and marriage certificate online with ease. Bank workers are actually quite accustomed to notarizing and signing documents such as this, so it shouldn’t be a problem getting this done.Get your grandparent’s Irish birth certificate here for the affordable price of 20 Euros. Whether you’re buddy buddy with your teller or not, I think this is a duty the bank has to perform for you regardless. Mail it in and Pay Up The application fee will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card only after the application has processed. After gathering all of the documents above and finishing up your application, you’ll have to put your trust into the postal system and mail out extremely personal and confidential documents that make up your entire life.In fact, Gaelic is a language that is more closely connected to Scotland than Ireland. This article, although a bit old, is also extremely fascinating.While Irish and Gaelic are extremely similar, they do have their differences (almost like varying dialects). A journalist tries to travel through Ireland using ONLY the Irish language!

We were looking for an escape to hide from the cold and, hopefully, get a drink.Get your parent’s marriage certificate from any church in the United States here for the not-so-affordable price of 0 USD. Fill out the Application After you get all your paperwork in order (and only after), fill out the application online. Once you’re finished, your application will be submitted to the Irish government immediately. Have a Witness Handy When You Sign Your Paperwork So basically, you’ll need a legal witness to 1. Oh, and you’re not mailing it to the embassy in the USA. You’re mailing it straight to Ireland (address included in application). Wait (but not that long) I mailed all of my documents in January 2015 and expected not to hear anything for six months minimum.In the meantime, they’ll give you a PDF version that you must print out and sign. I used hella expensive shipping to get my documents across the Atlantic, which cost me a good -50 bucks. I heard various stories online, but it seemed like six months was the norm for most applicants.So I’m writing this for fellow Irish folk that are unaware of this great opportunity, or simply need help to fill out the form. If your parent was born in Ireland, then you’re automatically an Irish citizen. If your grandparent was born in Ireland (like in my case) it’s a little trickier to get your citizenship, but let’s just say it’s far easier than doing your taxes.When you delve into great grandparent lineage, things start to get hazy.In addition, I had the church certificate of my grandparent’s marriage in Boston, as well as my grandmother’s death certificate.

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