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Prior to being taken over by the United States of America, Joint Base Balad was the largest and most significant base in the Iraqi Air Force during the leadership of Saddam Hussein.It was initially commissioned as Al Bakr Air Base, in the memory of the Iraqi president who led the country between 19 – Ahmed Hassan Al Bakr. It hosted some of the most advanced aircrafts in the Iraqi Air Force, including MIG 23 fighters and a few other squadrons and brigades.The base was one of the widest ones run by the Americans.Its history was pretty small, as it was then disestablished after the official withdrawal from 2011. The base was located about 65 kilometers away from Baghdad and could easily host more than 36,000 individuals.The mission of SLOCOG is to establish and maintain an effective transportation system, and enhance the high quality of life in San Luis Obispo County by providing resources and solutions and promoting collaborative inter-governmental relationships.

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This tour provides both an action packed Whitsundays adventure, visiting all the most popular destinations of the region including the breath taking Whitehaven Beach as well as an outer reef dive and snorkel experience.Anaconda 3 is a 101ft Mega Yacht boasting a large air-conditioned saloon and bar, with TV and comfy lounges, she also flaunts a huge lifting table on which a smorgasbord breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a buffet style.We take pride in the fact that all meals served on board, are prepared by our chef using only the best local produce.Maliki's remarks are being seen as a rebuttal of the US, which has insisted on having a more inclusive administration in Baghdad to heal the sectarian division in the country.Referring to other Shiite political leaders who are reportedly clamouring for the premiership, he said in his weekly address: "Those who do not like the constitution and interpret it according to their views aim at achieving political interests by making the issues greater than they are."Although the US has stopped short of openly calling for Maliki to step down, Washington has expressed concerns over his leadership amid the crisis.Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has rejected calls for forming a unity government, represented by all sections of society, to strengthen the fight against Sunni rebels.

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