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If you are moving toward marriage, your interaction should be unique.This doesn't give you latitude to stop relating as brother and sister in Christ.However, there needs to be something different, unique, special about how he treats you; otherwise, how will you know he's pursuing you for marriage? He should express his intentions, but not in cold clinical terms.He should have reasons for wanting to date you and be able to tell you what they are.

Even telling him that you need to "feel pursued by him emotionally" doesn't make it clear or concrete what it is you're hoping he'll do.

Have you shared with him the specific things you wish he'd do: Be intentional about your time together; plan ahead the way he did before you were officially dating; walk you to your car; hold your door open for you; ask you questions about your day, your interests, your family, etc?

All these are acts of kindness and indicators that a man is interested in pursuing a woman for more than friendship. But also, it's important that you be considerate of him, his needs and his personality.

What could explain such a lack of attentiveness or appreciation?

Is he generally a motivated, diligent, hardworking man?

The first is doing anything in the name of romance that would fan the flames of passion before the wedding.

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