Dating antique french furniture

However, a perfected machine was not developed until 1860.Lawsuits over patent rights prevented its use until 1880.Planing machines were experimented with early in the 1800s.Two early experiments are the Woodworth planer in 1824 and the Daniels planer in 1834.

For the first ten years of production, machine made screws were made with no slot in their head.The circular saw was limited to cutting thin pieces of wood such as shingles, clapboards, and laths until the early 1900s.Cupboards and other furniture in which the large size boards used in their construction are circular saw cut can date to 1880, but usually date after 1900.The saw changed, molding styles changed, mortising changed.Since it is impossible for any item to be older than the technology that made it possible, a chronological system of the advancement of cabinetmaking technology can be used to establish construction dates to within a few years.Therefore, most boards used in the construction of early cupboards show signs of being cut with an up-and-down saw.

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