Dating bing grondahl figurines


There is a B&G reclining Frenchie with a glaze that imitates bronze signed "R. And B&G also produced two white Frenchies by unknown artists.

One is small and quite early in date and the other a superb Art Deco example.

The rare "tiger" brindles are a deep mahogany color and unmatched by those of any other manufacturer.

There were 3 important factories: Dahl Jensen (1925-1984), Royal Copenhagen (1775-present) and Bing & Grondahl (1853 and merged with Royal Copenhagen in 1987).

In 1987 the company merged with its primary competitor, the Royal Porcelain Factory under the name Royal Copenhagen.

(Copyright) Figurerne p denne side er eksempler og ikke ndvendigvis til salg. To find figurines for sale please click at the link below.03a, b.

Production ended around 1985 and the earlier models have the initials "KM" impressed on the dog's underside. This large Frenchie by B&G is believed to have been designed by Dahl Jensen before he opened his own factory.

The mark is typical of the Danish manufacturers and note that engraved on the dog's left paw is an overlapping monogram "DJ." (B&G 2000)Great Danes: French Bulldog Collectibles from Denmark "Article by Gary Bachman reprinted with permission from Just Frenchies magazine, Volume 3, Number 2 Spring 2005." Danish porcelain Frenchies have a unique look and reflect a sensibility quite different from the German and other European models.

nsker De at se vort figur salgsudvalg, flg venligst linket nedenfor: Tekst kun p engelsk- Sorry :): French Bulldog figurines. Often mistaken for a Boston Terrier this piece by Knud Moller is listed in 2 RC catalogues as a Bulldog.

The brindle color is quite rare but the pied is often available at online auctions.

Their facial expressions are serious and melancholic, poses are classical yet somewhat unusual and the glazes are thick and rich.

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