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And as an enthusiast about coffee, they belong to a wonderful community – a worldwide network of baristas, roasters, farmers, coffee shop owners, and other coffee lovers. You’ll connect with others with the same passion (*cough*obsession*cough*) from all around the world.

So whether it’s the different brewing methods they use at home, scouting a new city for great coffee, or simply their tendency to ramble on and on about everything related to the bean, here are 5 things you can expect when dating a coffee drinker.A female PC can flirt with Phyllis but she will reject them.A male PC can also sleep with Angela Bishop, and if they have sex without a condom she will become pregnant.Several points throughout the series do allow for same-sex pairing options for the player-character (mostly just sex, few long lasting relationships).In particular, many sex workers in the game can be hired by male and female PCs.In all of the Fallout games, the majority of non-player characters are heterosexual.

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