Dating different schools

We never really had problems in our relationship, but I have trust issues from past relationships.

I just found out he has been going to the bars now and then and hanging out with a high school friend I absolutely hate.

But it doesn’t ruin people, it ruins relationships.“If I'm accepted into my top choices, there is no doubt that I would attend any of them over Tulane,” says Rachel.“I would not be able to fathom giving up a dream school and exceptional education for another person.Check out our guide to handling your relationship once you two know you’re going to have some distance between you for the next four years.Keep your priorities straight If you have a top choice school, keep the reason you love it so much in mind.But that simply means you have another good reason to release your boyfriend to his youth while you do some emotional maintenance work. If a ban on certain bars and buddies is the only chance your love has, then your love doesn’t have a chance.

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