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"I've told all my single girlfriends not to move out here if they want a husband."Funny, because there are relationship experts who suggest doing just that.Clinical psychologist Wendy Walsh, Ph D, author of The 30-Day Love Detox, advises single straight women that they have the best shot of finding a partner in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, and Dallas.

"If nothing happens tonight," said the 34-year-old, "I'm gonna sell my shit and move to Jersey." Ironically, the focus of the event was women who already lived on the East Coast.

The matchmaking start-up Dating Ring had launched a successful crowd-funding campaign to fly out a planeload of single women from New York for a long weekend.

The assumption behind the outrageous stunt was that the Bay Area is overrun with lonely tech guys, while the Northeast corridor is plagued by an abundance of dateless women.

But it wasn't long before another publication warned of a spinster epidemic: In 2007, Time Out New York featured a cover modeled after the poster for the 1950s sci-fi flick Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

In perhaps the most revealing representation ever of our cultural attitudes toward unhitched chicks, a giant bombshell towers over skyscrapers and Matchbox-size cars, wielding a smartphone in her well-manicured hand. (The article, by the way, surveyed Manhattan's unattached ladies and discovered that women "were remarkably okay with being single.") The following year, urban theorist and University of Toronto management professor Richard Florida opined in The Boston Globe that when it comes to choosing where to live, "having an enticing 'mating market' matters as much as or more than a vibrant labor market." He advised that the East Coast and Midwest were "by far, the best places for single men"—in other words, there was a plenitude of single women to pick from.

More than a century later, spinster hysteria persisted.

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