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I have decided to make a new cab to house a 15" speaker.

I got one a long time ago from fellow Gretsch Page'r Bear but haven't tackled the project yet. I did replace the 10 inch speaker with a Jensen 8 inch and it sounds great.

There are also exceptions to the rules where Fender delivered non-standard speakers in special orders, Christmas campaigns etc. See our Buyer’s guide to vintage Fender amps for a guide and picture gallery of the known original speakers in the blackface and silverface amps.

Small but mighty, it has delighted, inspired and surprised guitarists since 1948 as an indispensable practice amp and prized recording amp, which means that for well more than half a century now, nothing beats a Champ. The first in the long-running Champ line, it was a 4-watt amp with a single 8” speaker, three tubes, and an angled rear control panel with two inputs and a single volume control, all in a diminutive “TV-front” pine cabinet covered in greenish tweed linen adorned with a leather handle and Fender-logo nameplate. The even-smaller Champion 600 replaced the 800 in mid-1949, with identical circuitry but a smaller 6” speaker and two-tone brown and white textured vinyl covering.A souped-up version with reverb and a lead channel, the Super Champ, also appeared in 1982, as did the special-edition Super Champ Deluxe, which featured an Electro-Voice speaker, solid oak cabinet, special grille cloth and lacquer finish.None of the 1982 Champ models survived long, however; the Champ II lasted only a year and the Super Champ disappeared in 1986 after CBS sold Fender in 1985.I like the speaker but it rattles and only stops when I press against the magnet. I'm thinking of a Jensen C8R but am looking for recomendations. I have a Vibro Champ that "used" to have a 10" speaker in it.The previous owner cut a big ol' notch out'a the bottom to make it fit.But I've always believed a Champ / Vibro Champ being single ended class A would sound killer with a big ol' speaker.

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