Dating flight crew

This is the bizarre moment a passenger kicked off a flight at Charlotte Airport stripped to his waist on the tarmac and attacked ground crew.

The man, who has not been identified, was aboard American Airlines flight 5466 from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 26 when he reportedly began acting erratically.

Fellow passenger Kelly Smekens said the man was ordered to leave the aircraft.

The unruly passenger descended from the plane and was speaking to flight crew and ground staff when he suddenly ripped the shirt over his head, knocking off his cap.

@TODAYshow Msmn5k R1l— Marck (@thereal Marck) February 27, 2018Passengers revealed that the flight was delayed almost 40 minutes by the drama and eventually set off at around 2.10pm.

American Airlines told Daily they called the police about the 'disruptive' individual.

The traveler then appeared to be ready to leave, grabbing his shirt and backpack from the floor, but moments later he threw them aggressively to the ground and put up his fists like he was preparing to fight.Also working on the crew as flight attendants were gay Paul and horny hick Randy.Lenora, a bitter former flight attendant who loved to spar with Paul, was their supervisor who lusted after Captain Rex Parker.For a while, clueless Captain Parker barely noticed she was alive.Mac, the bartender of Mambo Mambo, the restaurant the gang hung out at, was dating Jess.When no one emerged to tackle him, he pulled up his trousers, picked up his belongings and stormed off into the distance, with ground control and security following him.

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