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Many of his victims were as young as 12, and his very first stint in prison was for raping and beating an eight-year-old girl.

Serial killer Rodrigo Jacques Alcala Buquor was born in San Antonio, TX, in 1943.

Alcala used every ounce of his charm while on the show, and actually won a date with Cheryl Bradshaw, the episodes' bachelorette, whose affections he was competing for.

They never did go on that date though, as Bradshaw thought he was creepy.

Instead, they introduce him to Lioinel, who sent the Partridges some of his poems. So, with Bobby in tow, the Partridges head to Denver to meet with the eccentric Poindexter (they find him wearing a suit of armor) and a creative partnership is born. The debut saw a social worker, uncomfortable with Jenny’s living arrangements, threaten to remove her from Bobby’s custody.

In response, Bobby makes the tough decision to ask Lionel to move out, hoping that will convince the social worker he is serious about taking care of his sister.

An enchanting sitcom about beautiful, nose-twitching witch Samantha Stevens, who moves to the suburbs to be with her strait-laced mortal husband, Darrin.

To help pay the rent, Bobby worked at a recording studio.However, the plan backfires when Jenny, upset at the prospect of having ruined her brother’s partnership with Lionel, runs away. Later episodes saw Bobby and Lionel agreeing to participate in a scientific experiment, Bobby trying to help a young boy whose mother doesn’t want him to be a singer, Rita and Rudy feuding, Jenny preparing for her first date, and the dating woes of both Bobby and Lionel.Guest stars included Cindy Williams, Martin Speer, Della Reese, Little Dion, Roger C.More often than not, Alcala's method of killing his victims involved torturing them with repeated strangulation.He would strangle them until they blacked out and once they awakened, he would strangle them again.Alcala has been convicted of committing five murders and has confessed to an additional 30.

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