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She also raised 100k for her feature film project Creve Coeur, Mo.on Indiegogo starring Bella Thorne and Zach Knighton.

Both the characters of Sabrina and Britt really bothered me at the very beginning, because I felt they were both so two-dimensional.

Kimberly Mc Cullough’s first gig came at the age of six, in the cult classic Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, as a featured break-dancer.

Kimberly soon secured other dance jobs on Fame, Solid Gold, and The People’s Choice Awards.

Frank Valentini was waiting for the story to get to a place to where it would make the most sense for me to come back, meaning I think he wanted Patrick to be in a relationship so he could make the biggest impact with me coming back.

But also because, I just started the second year of my directing program and it’s not as busy right now.

They were obviously polar-opposites, and so it was hard for me to swallow, because it was so obvious. For instance: Britt is having a relationship with Nikolas, or it looks like it at least, and now that Sabrina and Patrick are together, she is not wearing those ridiculous bows in her hair, (laughs) and I like it. But, my personal preference is that I am much happier with the way things are now.

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