Dating in south jersey


That's a lot, and it can work, but it can also leave you emotionally exhausted if you finally work out that perfect time to meet up with someone and then you have that drink and there's zero chemistry. My mind starts thinking thoughts like, "well, I can see him, but not on a Sunday when I have to deal with Met Life Stadium traffic.

Or if I finally meet someone I really like, we hit it off and then the we remember that it's taken 6 weeks for us to meet for 30 minutes. And not on a Friday night, especially during the summer because everyone is trying to get to the shore." If he drives to me, or I drive to him, it's nearly 30 dollars… And public transportation would require at the bare minimum a train or bus in NJ and at least one subway in New York and likely take over two hours, barring any rush hour traffic.

It might be close to a month before that mutually free moment opens up. especially if the date wants to go dutch when their commute involved walking two blocks after work)?

" And god forbid he travels for work, or has a pet that needs to be walked or I want to take a vacation. I wait until my daughter has a slumber party or is staying with her dad…. Do I drive into the city and pay tolls and parking (really hard on a budget…These days "getting back out there" and "meeting new people" is even more complex complicated by the need to carefully delete inappropriate unsolicited photos texted to you before your kid accidentally sees them (which happens more often than you can even imagine).As a single mom, I tend to meet and talk to single dads…Someone who lives 20 miles away doesn't seem far on Tinder, but that's usually a 40 minute drive. If I live in North Jersey and they live in Princeton, that's a 45 mile drive and over an hour on a good day.I pretty much consider that a long-distance relationship.She knows about Hinduism more than I do because she has been practicing TM (Transcendental Meditation) for 29 yrs.

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