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The most infamous example of this in Cape Town was District Six.

After it was declared a whites-only region in 1965, all housing there was demolished and over 60,000 residents were forcibly removed.

Table Mountain, with its near vertical cliffs and flat-topped summit over 1,000 m (3,300 ft) high, and with Devil's Peak and Lion's Head on either side, together form a dramatic mountainous backdrop enclosing the central area of Cape Town, the so-called City Bowl.

A thin strip of cloud, known colloquially as the "tablecloth", sometimes forms on top of the mountain.

In the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814, Cape Town was permanently ceded to Britain.

It became the capital of the newly formed Cape Colony, whose territory expanded very substantially through the 1800s.

Many of these residents were relocated to the Cape Flats and Lavender Hill.

British forces occupied the Cape again in 1806 following the Battle of Blaauwberg.

The settlement grew slowly during this period, as it was hard to find adequate labour.

This labour shortage prompted the authorities to import slaves from Indonesia and Madagascar.

Conflicts between the Boer republics in the interior and the British colonial government resulted in the Second Boer War of 1899–1902, which Britain won.

In 1910, Britain established the Union of South Africa, which unified the Cape Colony with the two defeated Boer Republics and the British colony of Natal.

Cape Town quickly outgrew its original purpose as the first European outpost at the Castle of Good Hope, becoming the economic and cultural hub of the Cape Colony.

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