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Compatibility really is key when it comes to creating a deep and lasting connection between two people.For example, if you want to begin preparing for the future and building toward certain life and career goals, but your partner mainly wants to make enough money so that he or she can party this weekend, then you two are probably working with fairly different priorities.And, just as important, does your partner know how to do this for you as well?If so, that’s another reason to believe that you’ve found “The One.” 8) You Have the Same Life Priorities Opposites may attract, but they rarely make for a good long-term relationship.Both people feel that once the obstacle is removed, they’ll be truly content together. We know it sounds pretty cliché, but like all clichés, it’s true.“The One’s” admiration of you is so powerful that it’s almost as if he or she is awestruck by your very presence. She finds you smart, sexy, fun to be with, and so on.

It’s not that you have to be perfect, but if this person is “The One,” then you are at least trying to make your conflict work for your relationship rather than against it.

You never have to try to impress “The One” because you’ve already done that by just being you.

3) You Manage Conflict Well Let’s say we have two couples that have been together for the same amount of time. Couple B has never argued in the history of their relationship.

When this happens, then this person is likely much more to you than a ship passing in the night.

5) There’s Minimal Drama—or None at All Like we said above when we talked about conflict, even the healthiest relationships deal with their share of arguments.

So if you two are dealing with constant drama, where one of you is trying to create high emotions to manipulate the other or where there’s constant turbulence without some sort of resolution, then be careful about fully committing to the relationship at this point.

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