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" The Work singer - who was recently embroiled in a bitter row with Azealia Banks - lead the sweet messages to the Crazy In Love couple.

Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox also shared a touching post to the happy couple, and wrote to her 607k Twitter followers: "Congratulations to @Beyonce and the entire Knowles Carter family." From singing in the girl band Destiny's Child to performing at the Superbowl, Beyoncé sure has transformed over the years in her quest to RUN THE WORLD!

, originally intended for a summer 2015 release, was derailed for almost an entire year in the wake of the outbreak of hostilities with Meek; when it finally did arrive, a year later, it was, despite having moments, so prolonged and mediocre that Drake’s reputation, though not his sales, suffered.

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It’s the latest volley in a feud no less intractable for being fought entirely in subliminals.

Instead, thanks to Meek’s recklessness, Kendrick has passed him, and Kendrick looks like he’ll be on top for as long as he wants (forever, basically).

The question, then, is why Meek would sacrifice the development of his own career to put a dent in Drake’s own. Quite possibly — jealousy over Meek’s then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj certainly couldn’t have helped — but there may be other factors.

Even if Drake possesses no small measure of hubris, give him credit: He’s shrewd enough not to fight on two fronts.

It only makes sense if Drake was assuming that the second front was actually an extension of the first, that Jay had somehow been responsible for pushing Meek (managed by Jay’s Roc Nation) to discredit Drake.

His success has been a product of foresight and calculation.

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