Dating men with vasectomies

So that’s certainly an option if you don’t have any kids yet but want to get a vasectomy anyway.

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I am very, very careful about this, to the point of near-ridiculousness.

More importantly, for about 00 you can get your sperm frozen at a sperm storage facility.

Frozen sperm lasts indefinitely; women have been successfully impregnated by sperm that had been frozen for 25 years.

(I will be going on testosterone replacement therapy soon, but my reasons for that have nothing to do with my sexual performance; any improvement in that area I will consider a happy bonus.) I’m no doctor, but my understanding is that sperm are organisms designed to exist within a foreign body. About four out of five times, the story was the usual story you’ve probably heard before. But if you’re a 34 year-old Alpha having sex with multiple women, including much younger women, then you’re probably going to care. This is an important thing to keep in mind that no doctor is going to tell you.

Once you get a vasectomy, those spermies are just “released” into your body…a place they were never designed to go. Again though, I have no expertise in this area; I’m just going off what I’ve read. “Oh, no problem, I just went in, had it done, was in pain for a few hours, and it was fine.” The problem was that one out of five times I got a story. A few examples: One guy said it was fine on the day of the procedure. Another guy, my dad, said his procedure “worked out fine”. It all turned out okay, but one little mistake caused by Mr. So four out of five, no problem, one out of five, major problem. However, to be honest this is by far the weakest of my reasons.

If you’ve had a vasectomy, you’ll never have that worry or logistical overhead. You still need to worry about STDs, but frankly I’m far more concerned about getting some bimbo FB pregnant and being forced at gunpoint to shell out money to her for 18 years than I am concerned about getting chlamydia or even herpes. For you older guys who only have sex with women well over age 45, there’s probably no point in getting a vasectomy, since none of these women are going to get pregnant on you.

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