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(Really, it's gorgeous, give Apostrophia some love.)Aaand Mother Hen Genma! *huggles*From Chapter 19 by Aot A (So amazingly sweet/funny/hilarious)And the Sandaime Uzukage by gayfishman (gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous omg)Want some feels? A gorgeous Uzumaki Arashi, courtesy of echodoki And here's an adorable version, too, because Sealed-Dynasty is extraordinary Other haunts: Pretty much everything I put up here is also posted on my LJ, under the username black_k_kat - I've had stuff deleted before, and now I get all twitchy about having backups.

Though, as far as that goes, I'm about 5k into a spinoff story focusing on Kakashi and Obito's journeys, tentatively titled "Hatake Kakashi's Guide to Finding Yourself in Fire Country" because I am a massive dork. Because you're all amazing I I really don't deserve you... Gestalt With Luck also drew brilliant scenes from Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 6, and Chapter 13, and I adore all of them.

(Or, Tsuna gets himself a teacher, a new skillset, and a family that's going to be twice as insane as in canon.

Experimenting with a dimension-bending dojutsu is probably not the brightest idea ever. Kakashi swaps universes with A Snake In the Grass, a Wolf At the Door!He'd worried, at first, that this would be the same way. The world has nine gods, locked away in human prisons. To his surprise, however, it's not offense overtaking the hero's face, but glee. He's never going to get that image out of his mind.But Utakata is a jinchuuriki, and there's nothing in the entire world that could so much as scratch him without a hell of a lot of effort. Kurama manages to free himself, and when he escapes he takes a child with him. " Kakashi hisses, already teetering on the precipice of mortification just from Sakumo's presence alone. Things are starting to make a truly horrifying amount of sense, now that Madara's brain has managed to leapfrog from Point A to Point My Best Friend's Little Brother Is Also Sort of My Sexy Nemesis. For a prompt from the lovely redhothollyberries: The Free!But Hashirama was the first to show him kindness, to earn his loyalty, and Obito will never waver in it."If you tell me you're fine," Itama says cheerfully, stepping in front of the door as it slides open and shoving a towel at the bane of his current existence before Izuna can bleed on the floor, "I have some bedpans for you to scrub out."Tobirama comes to on a field heavy with the scent of blood, to a rout of shinobi in unfamiliar uniforms but sporting familiar hitai-ate. Tōka is a reasonable, responsible adult with bills to pay and—and a best friend who's probably playing punching bag for the mob right now. For an anon prompt on my Tumblr that I kind of hijacked: gai/obito tho, kakashi's utterly terrified of the two ever coming together.There's a whisper in his head, paradise denied, but death is in front of him and he can't waste time on regrets. They break or scar or are damaged beyond repair, and he's left clutching a worthless shell of something that used to be precious. "Photokinetic," Orochimaru repeats, eyes narrowing faintly at the White Fang. Be polite, because the man did save him, and Jiraiya will be insufferable if he makes his hero-rescuer cry (again). Kakashi finds them making out once and it's so horrible.Kakashi, and absolutely no one is happy about it.)For the record, this is not how his grand defection from Konoha was supposed to go. Hatake Sakumo may have been part of the plan, but he's also very much an unexpected complication.)Crown Prince Obito elopes with the blacksmith's son.

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