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The first meeting was held at Much Wenlock racecourse on 22–23 October 1850.

The first Games were a mixture of athletics and traditional country sports such as quoits, football and cricket.

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My motto in life is to If you want something, work hard ..Baron Pierre de Coubertin visited the Olympian Society in 1890, which held a special festival in his honour.He was inspired by Dr Brookes and went on to establish the International Olympic Committee.Events also included running, hurdles, football and cycling on penny farthings.Some of the early Games included "fun events" as the blindfolded wheelbarrow race and, one year an 'Old Women's Race' with the prize of a pound of tea.In 1860, when the games were held despite 'vile weather', Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Edwardes, who Brookes had invited to speak at the games, praised their founder and the WARS's work but showed disagreement with the Greek influence by publicly suggesting the games be called "'The Shropshire Class of British Work and Play', or anything else you will; but let it tell of English men and women, English boys and girls." Despite that the Olympian name stuck.

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