Dating old college friend

I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant and safe site.

We have become so close as friends we have adopted each other as forgotten sisters!

So if she wants to be with him you will kove on with out her.

Be prepared she could call you bluff and you will have to man up and move on.

Then she continued to talk to him without telling you that she was talking to an old boyfriend. You need to tell her that she needs to have NC with this old boyfriend, and if she does, then that means she is choosing him over you.

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For one, she kept her initial contact with her old flame a secret from you. If you allow this, you are allowing and condoning the affair. You need to find out who his wife is and ask her if she is comfortable with her husband coming to see your wife.dont know whats going to happen when she brings it up about him coming to visit her mom. I truely love my wife, but this stuff is driving me crazy.shes my whole world and I cant imagine not being with her.What you have to do is let her know that what she did is wrong and IS an emotional affair. He is NOT a part of your family and it is entirely wrong for her to want him to visit your home. A VERY COMMON thing that happens is when they are found out, they take it further underground.If she tries to say there was nothing wrong with it, then ask her why she kept all these talks with her and her old boyfriend a secret from you. With the keylogger, you need to find out if she has a secret email address or secret facebook profile (my wife did).a few months back I came across on facebook that my wife was chatting with her old boyfriend, they were real close back when she went to school.

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