Dating old college friend

So if she wants to be with him you will kove on with out her.

Once you except that you can live with out her then you can stand up and let the world know that "I will protect my family and it is in the best interest for the family that this man is not welcome in my home.which I did tell her that first night that I could see them chatting, hoping that would stop it. First never let you wife know you will do anything for her, what she hears is you are allowing her to be with this guy.Ya I know it sounds wierd, but you must show confidencne that if she crosses your boundries and disrespect you that you will move on with out her.Then she continued to talk to him without telling you that she was talking to an old boyfriend. You need to tell her that she needs to have NC with this old boyfriend, and if she does, then that means she is choosing him over you.Then she declares her love for him, which is wrong. You are the one she married, taking vows to forsake all others. This is exactly how my wife's EA started, reconnecting with an old boyfriend thru facebook. You need to install a keylogger on the computer to ensure there is NC.Your wife is having an emotional affair, pure and simple.

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